The Best Stoicism Podcasts

The Best Stoicism Podcasts

If you’re an avid podcast listener and a student of the Stoics, you’re probably always on the look out for good Stoicism podcasts to plug into.

If you’re not familiar with them, podcasts are a great way to absorb information when reading isn’t convenient. That could be while driving, while working out, or any time in general if you just don’t happen to like reading.

So, when you need a quick dose of Stoicism but don’t have your copy of Meditations close by then a good podcast show might be what you need.

Luckily there are plenty out there so here’s a compilation of the best ones in no particular order!

Stoicism Podcasts

The Practical Stoic Podcast

Host: Simon Drew

As the name suggests, The Practical Stoic Podcast features the most practical advice from the ancient Stoic philosophers. Having that focus is great for the listener. If you’re like I was when I first got into Stoicism then you’re looking for the most actionable advice that relates to your own life.

Simon was recently featured in an interview on The Daily Stoic. He has also interviewed amazing guests on his own show, including Massimo Pigliucci, Donald Robertson and Ryan Holiday, who have all written books on Stoicism.

Good Fortune

Host: Matt van Natta

Although there haven’t been any new episodes of Good Fortune for a while, the great thing about this type of content is that it doesn’t get outdated, so there’s plenty of useful stuff in the currently available episodes.

I enjoyed the intriguingly-titled How Stoics Treat Jerks, which features short readings from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations followed by Matt’s insightful comments to help you out when you next encounter a jerk.

Stoic Solutions Podcast

Host: Justin Vacula

The Stoic Solutions Podcast offers practical wisdom for everyday life and explores a range of topics that are applicable to modern situations. Episodes are released weekly and combine the practical wisdom with guest interviews.

Coping With Negative Emotions is a good episode covering a topic that I suspect most people could always use a helping hand with, I know I certainly could!

Stoic Mettle

Host: Scott Hebert

Scott describes his podcast as short, actionable, and practical which again, to me, are appealing characteristics of any Stoicism content. On Stoic Mettle, he uses personal stories to present Stoic ideas as well as interviewing contemporary Stoics for further insights. Although Stoic Mettle is no longer publishing new episodes, there is plenty of goodness to be found in the archives.

If you’re a Marcus Aurelius fan, try out the episode The Life of Marcus Aurelius, which is a fascinating deep dive into the life of the Roman Emperor featuring author Donald Robertson.

Stoic Meditations

Host: Massimo Pigliucci

Massimo Pigliucci is the author of the excellent book How To Be A Stoic,  and a Professor of Philosophy at CUNY-City College. His podcast consists of bite-sized readings from the ancient Stoics, followed by his commentary to put it into context.

The shortness of the episodes make this podcast a great candidate for incorporating into a daily routine if you need your regular fix of Stoicism. The episode Do The Right Thing, Now alone is one that could probably bear listening to every day.

The Sunday Stoic Podcast

Host: Steve Karafiat

Sunday Stoic is another podcast focusing on readings of the ancient Stoics and the modern applications of the lessons learnt. As you can probably guess, new episodes are published on Sundays!

Stoic Maxims is a nice episode which covers short sayings that feature in Seneca’s Moral Letters to Lucilius. It emphasizes how maxims like this can be very useful for regularly reminding yourself of the Stoic mindset.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Host: Tim Ferriss

I couldn’t have a complete list of Stoicism podcasts without including The Tim Ferriss Show. While it’s not solely based on Stoicism, there are plenty of episodes on that specific topic. Hearing Tim talk about how he applies the philosophy to his own life is one of the things that got me interested in it to begin with.

The episode The Canvas Strategy — What Ben Franklin and Bill Belichick Have in Common is an interesting one as it features another modern Stoic, Ryan Holiday, sharing an excerpt from his book Ego Is The Enemy.

The Daily Stoic

Host: Ryan Holiday

Speaking of Ryan Holiday, he also has a Stoicism podcast over at The Daily Stoic. On weekdays, the podcast is the short audio companion to Daily Stoic’s daily emails. On weekends, longer-form episodes such as interviews are published.

Ryan Holiday & Tim Ferriss Discuss “Alive Time vs Dead Time” is an episode full of insight into how both individuals use the ancient philosophy to deal with modern challenges.

The Cheerful Stoic

Host: Juan C. Torres

The Cheerful Stoic is all about reading and enjoying the ancient Stoic texts. There’s a nice emphasis on cheerfulness and being positive which the Stoics would have approved of.

The Introduction episode is a good way to get to know the host before diving into the content, while You are never too busy to be a Stoic is a great reminder for when life gets hectic.

If you know of any good Stoicism podcasts that I’ve missed please let me know on social media via the links on the right of this page!

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