The Best Stoicism Courses

The word philosophy comes from the Greek philosophia, which literally means “love of wisdom.” So, whether you’re completely new to Stoic philosophy or have been inching ever-closer to sagacity for some time, the great thing is that it’s always possible to learn something new, to feed your hunger for wisdom. 

From books to podcasts, and blogs to videos, there is no shortage of information available to someone embarking on a quest of Stoic learning. One thing people might not immediately consider doing, however, is taking a Stoicism course.

What better way to learn than through a sequence of lessons carefully compiled by an expert on the topic? 

Luckily there are a few Stoicism courses out there, and most of them are free. So, in no particular order, here are the best Stoicism courses.

Stoic Mindfulness & Resilience Training (SMRT)

Instructor: Donald Robertson
Who is this course for? Beginners seeking a four-week long, introductory course to learn basic Stoic practices for use in daily life.
Price: Free

Discard Your Anxiety: A 7-Day Email Course

Instructor: What Is Stoicism?
Who is this course for? Anyone seeking a clear and practical Stoic pathway to start making immediate progress with their anxious feelings. The course consists of seven days of fresh perspectives and simple practical exercises that will help you discard your anxiety.
Price: Free

Introducing How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Instructor: Donald Robertson
Who is this course for? This eLearning course contains lots of free resources based on the book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. It’s designed for people who haven’t read the book yet but are interested in finding out more.
Price: Free

The 7-Day Guide

Instructor: Daily Stoic
Who is this course for? Beginners – “this highly curated 7-Day Guide will expand your knowledge and provide actionable tools and ideas to make you stronger, more resilient and happier.”
Price: Free

Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World

Instructor: Massimo Pigliucci
Who is this course for? Beginners requiring an introduction to the fundamental ideas of ancient Stoicism, with a focus on its practical applications to modern everyday living.
Price: £39.99

Introduction to Stoicism Diploma Course

Instructor: Centre of Excellence
Who is this course for? Those wishing to dive deep into the foundation that underpins the entire Stoic system of philosophy. From the description: You’ll gain a Stoic understanding of physics, logic and ethics, and the core disciplines that are derived from them, and how to use this knowledge to improve your everyday life..
Price: £127

Marcus Aurelius: Life and Stoicism

Instructor: Donald Robertson
Who is this course for? Anyone who’s interested in Stoicism or Marcus Aurelius. If you’re a complete newcomer this course will provide the perfect introduction to Stoicism. Even if you’ve read a lot of books on Stoicism, though, you’ll still benefit from these new resources and by exploring a fresh perspective on the subject.
Price: ~£170

7-Day Anxiety-Melting Stoic Meditation Course

Instructor: Jon Brooks
Who is this course for? Those interested in applying Stoic techniques as a way of dealing with anxiety. From the description: “Spend a week uprooting the source of your worry and doubt with 7 potent audio recordings that will shower your soul in tranquility and clarity. Each lesson features a core Stoicism technique that can be used specifically to ease anxiety.”
Price: ~£15

Practical Stoicism

Instructor: Michael McGill
Who is this course for? Although it initially covers the basics, this course is useful for Stoicism students of any level of experience. Michael does a great job of explaining key concepts in an accessible and practical way, and fosters a fun, inclusive atmosphere for participants. Practical Stoicism includes access to 4 live sessions (recorded sessions will be available if you are unable to attend live), weekly “Stoic Challenges” to help you build Stoic habits, access to a Slack community of fellow cohort members and Stoics, and a free copy of A Stoic A Day, a daily Stoicism reflection book that you can use to study Stoicism on a daily basis.
Price: ~£50

Stoicism 101

Instructor: Ryan Holiday/Daily Stoic
Who is this course for? Stoicism beginners who are keen to learn about the origins of the philosophy and the key principles that make it so practical. The course features 14 custom emails delivered daily and 2 hours of live Q&A with bestselling author Ryan Holiday.
Price: ~£30

The Meditations Email Course

Instructor: Donald Robertson
Who is this course for? Anyone interested in learning more about the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. Each week you’ll receive an email containing a passage from the classic George Long translation with additional commentary underneath to help you obtain greater enjoyment and understanding from the text.
Price: Free

Stoicism in a Week

Instructor: Modern Stoicism
Who is this course for? Anyone seeking a free, guided day-by-day, week long course you can take at anytime, as an introduction to Stoic philosophy as a way of life.
Price: Free

Epictetus’ Enchiridion – Ancient Philosophy & Peace of Mind

Instructor: Gregory B. Sadler
Who is this course for? This course, produced by Gregory B. Sadler, is designed to assist learners in studying a classic text of Stoic philosophy, Epictetus’ Enchiridion (or handbook). You’ll come away with a solid understanding of key concepts of this practical approach to the problems and challenges of life.
Price: Free

A Guide to Stoic Exercises

Instructor: Donald Robertson
Who is this course for? Those seeking to learn how to practice a variety of Stoic psychological techniques in daily life, for the purpose of building emotional resilience. The course consists of six lessons, each of which explain how to use a different psychological exercise from ancient Stoic philosophy.
Price: Free

Get Your Life Unstuck

Instructor: Kasey Pierce
Who is this course for? Anyone needing advice on “how to get your life unstuck.” The course presents six steps to freedom, combining ancient wisdom and modern psychology.
Price: Free

Learning Stoicism With The Stoic Coach

Instructor: Bob Cymber
Who is this course for? Anyone seeking a brief overview of Stoicism and the mental techniques to apply to your daily life to increase peace of mind. This course consists of five lessons.
Price: Free