Thank You

If my calculations are correct, today’s post completes a run of posting one article per week for every week of 2020. The articles have included interviews, exercises, and essays both short and long.

While I’m pleased to have maintained the consistency, I’m more pleased that people have actually been reading what I’ve been publishing. Some have even contacted me to say they found it useful!

I have learned a lot about Stoicism this year, particularly its application to everyday life, just by writing about it. There are few better ways to organise your thoughts than having to articulate them with words. And if ever there was a year when Stoicism was needed, it was this one.

If you have been reading this year, or even if this is your first time on this site, thank you.

While I’d love to continue the publishing momentum into 2021, it’s likely that I’ll use the turn of the year to change direction slightly.

Rather than risk running out of things to write about, I think it’s better to move to a less regular schedule. Perhaps every two or three weeks makes sense to allow me to produce articles that will hopefully be better for the extra thinking time.

What I’d still like to do on a weekly basis, however, is send an email. Until now the weekly email has mainly been a notification of a new article being published. From 2021, I’d like to revamp that email and provide more value in it. 

My intention is to produce a digestible and useful email that subscribers will enjoy receiving.

I have a lot of ideas regarding the content, which include:

  • Stoic comics
  • Daily routine tips
  • Book reviews/notes
  • Best social media posts
  • Short Stoic mental exercises
  • Quotes/short Stoic passages
  • Podcast episode recommendations

I’ve already created a sample version of the email that you can check out here.

If you’d like to leave feedback on the sample or suggest topics for the email please get in touch. Here’s a short one-question form you can use to do so.

Thanks again for reading!