Stoic Wallpapers – Reminders In The Palm Of Your Hand

With the average user unlocking their phone 80 times per day, there’s probably no better place for a Stoic wallpaper than the screen of our devices.

Each of those 80 times we pick up our phones to mindlessly check something that won’t have changed since the last time, the first thing we see is the lock screen.

If it takes us 3-4 seconds to pick up and unlock our phone, that’s potentially 5 minutes a day just looking at the static screen that separates us from our precious apps!

It may not sound a lot but try staring at that screen for 5 minutes straight and see how long it feels…

Stoic Wallpapers

Rather than be looking at a default wallpaper each time, I thought it’d be good to make some use of those 5 minutes and insert some Stoicism into the process.

For me, cultivating a Stoic mindset is about practice and repetition so if every time I unlock my phone I’m looking at a Stoicism-inspired wallpaper then the mindset is sinking in a little more each time.

Further to that, the wallpaper may actually help me through my day if it contains a quote that I particularly need to remember in certain situations.

To ensure some variety, I now add new Stoic wallpapers just like the ones below to the Wallpapers album on the Facebook page on a regular basis

Help yourself to your favourites!

Another Stoic Reminder

Taking the phone theme a step further, and perhaps on the more extreme side, another idea is to actually use the Reminders app to schedule alerts through the day.

This way, if you’ve mastered self-control and don’t actually look at your phone that often then you still have another quick source of Stoicism during the day.

Stoic Reminder
One of my reminders

Memento mori (remember that you will die) is the medieval practice of reflection on mortality and was particularly prominent among the Stoics.

It effectively makes the point that life is short and we should make the most of the time we have.

I felt this phrase fitted perfectly as a reminder as it’s based around, well, remembering something!

Having this reminder firing off daily might be a bit too much, especially if you like to limit the amount of alerts you get on your device, so you may want to schedule different reminders at less regular intervals.

Have some reminders of your own? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter!