Exercise: Learn To Want What You Have

From an early age, largely thanks to advertising, we’re told it’s normal to be on a satisfaction treadmill.  We feel dissatisfied when we develop desires that are unfulfilled. We strive to fulfil these desires in the hope of satisfaction. Before long, the fulfilled desire becomes the new normal and is taken for granted. Then the…

Excerise: Get To The Heart Of The Real Thing

The comedian David Mitchell was working on a jocular answer to the tricky question “What are things?” for his Guardian column when he wrote the following: “What is a call to prayer but a noisy sport without a scoring system? What is a drama but an unbelievably long comedy without any jokes? What is an…

Exercise: Define Your ‘Epithets For The Self’

Do you have your own rules for life? Your own set of principles you steadfastly stick to in any situation and can default to when faced with tough choices? You probably have a rough idea, but why not take the time to write them down? Having the main ones clarified and committed to paper will…

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