Taking The 21-Day Daily Stoic Freedom Challenge

Every few months, the Daily Stoic (of the book and journal of the same name) run a challenge to help their readers adopt a more Stoic mindset by practising things like gratitude and voluntary discomfort. The latest of these challenges, The Daily Stoic Freedom Challenge, is explained as follows:

The Daily Stoic Freedom Challenge is a set of twenty-one all-new actionable challenges — presented at a pace of one per day — built around the best, most timeless wisdom in Stoic philosophy. Three weeks of challenges designed to strip you of the chains of obligation to things that are inessential, and to help you bring a sense of tranquility and purpose to your life. 

Each day you will be presented with a challenge that will help you: 

✓ Simplify your life

✓ Free yourself from unnecessary baggage 

✓ Complain less

✓ Practice gratitude

✓ Push your physical and mental limits

✓ Abandon harmful habits 

✓ Make the most of your days  

I admit I have been sceptical about these challenges in the past as they require a payment in order to participate and access the material. This time, however, I’m curious to see if the cost is worth it, and given the Daily Stoic provides a lot of free content (including a daily email), it’s probably fair that they charge for these more involved offerings.

So, for $49, participants accepting the challenge receive:

✓ 21 Custom Challenges Delivered Daily (Over 25,000 words of all new original content)

✓ 21 Custom Video Messages From Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday  

✓ Printable 21-Day Calendar With custom daily illustrations to track progress  

✓ Group Slack Channel For Accountability and Community 

✓ Day 21 Wrap-Up Live Webinar With Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday 

Aside from the experience of the challenge itself, the other thing that appeals to me is being able to see how other people are doing via the group Slack channel. My hope is that a sense of community might develop that endures beyond the 21 days of the challenge. With that in mind I intend to document each day of the challenge from my perspective and hopefully from the perspective of some of the other participants.

I’ll continue to update this page with links to each day as things progress – I hope it gives some insight into how useful the challenge is!